The conception of the "GERMAN RIESLING CENTRE is, to present the Queen of White wines in their regional peculiarity and flavour diversity. No other type of grape becomes so dominant from the soil, the location, the region and of course of the winemaker, like the Riesling. The German Riesling is a cultural asset, an ambassador of excellent craftsmanship of down-to-earth winemaker families over the centuries.

Grown on steep vineyard terraces, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In cooperation with the best German (Riesling) wineries, which belong to the top national, but also to the international class and advise from leading wine experts, we offer a balanced collection of these grand wines to our Riesling lovers in Hong Kong.

We offer only high quality Rieslings direct from the winemaker, produced in small quantities, committed to natural friendly production methods.

Through our experienced sourcing team in Germany we still can sometimes offer Riesling vintages which are considered ‘drunk” on other wine portals.

Through Riesling tastings, the GERMAN RIESLING CENTRE wants to give Hong Kong Riesling lovers and those who never tried a German Riesling before, the chance to experience the Riesling wine live.

We are sure that after tasting you will become a friend of Riesling and you are able to make a comfortable and safe purchase decision.

If grapes could talk, they will confirm that :

“The most beautiful home of a Riesling grape is the Riesling bottle.”

Enjoy your time and best wishes from your