Joachim Flick
The Riesling of JOACHIM FLICKS Vineyard "Queen Victoria Hill" also enjoy Queen Elizabeth II. Her grandmother, Queen Victoria of England herself adorned this vineyard and gave it its name.
In 1845 Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert visited Hochheim and were invited for a wine tasting. The royals were strongly impressed by the superb taste of this special "Queen Victoria Hill" Riesling.
For a long time, this phenomenal, 700-year-old vineyard had fallen into oblivion until he came into the care of the innovative winemaker Joachim Flick, who recognise the potential of the light, sandy loess terroir.
An ideal location to create a harmonious, juicy and fruity Riesling, finely equipped with the historically inspired label, including the coat of arms of the Queen of England.

The lifeblood of these wines is the so-called Mainz basin, a 30-million-year-old freshwater vein from the Taunus area with deposits of limestone and the sediments of primeval shellfish. This basis is the reason for the characteristic and incomparable mineralogy of the Riesling wines from the Queen Victoria Hill.