Simply sniff a Riesling and hints of apple, citrus, peach and apricot can be detected.The purity of fru it aroma combined with a unique fruit acidity make the Riesling into one of the greatest grape varieties in the world. At the beginning of the 19th century German Riesling wines are among the most expensive in the world and served in the best nobel hotels from Paris to New York and from Shanghai to Bangkok. Under the guideline of a new generation of vintner, committed to the highest quality level and pure natural approaches, the Riesling has been experiencing a true renaissance internationally in recent years.

Over 22.000 hectares in German vineyards are planted with Riesling which is about 60 % of all the Riesling in the world. The main Riesling growing areas in Germany are vineyards at the Moselle river, at the Rhine river ( Rheingau, Middle Rhine, Pfalz, Rheinhessen ) and at the Nahe/Saar river. Unlike most other grape varieties the character of a Riesling depends on the type of soil it grows in. Heavy clay soil promote a citrus fruit aroma, new red sandstone ensures a taste of apricot and slate soils create a concise mineral note to mention only some of the soil varieties which influence the taste.

A great grape like the Riesling plays out its strength in a number of variations. As a light Cabinet wine , as a noble Spaetlese ( late harvest ) or precious lce Wine. Regardless whether created dry, semi dry, sweet or nobel sweet, Riesling is wonderful refreshing in this diversity and as a food companion, especially the semi dry und even sweeter predicate wines, are the ideal accompaniment to Asian cuisine. The Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese are extremely durable pleasure which have one thing in common: the noble rot ( botrytis cinerea ) gives the Riesling aroma further perfection. lndividually hand-picked berries delivers concentrated flavours with a bright acidity. These are delicious aperitifs , with a smell of dried fruit, honey, ripe pineapple and yellow peaches.

On top of the table is the Riesling lce Wine. lce wines are concentrated, extremely refined wines with outstanding brilliant acidity, bright fruit flavour and a sweetness which can reach must weight up to 250 Oechsle ( measure of the must weight ). There is only a very limited quantity of ice wine available in the market, due to the requirement, that the grapes can only harvested and pressed, if the temperature is at a freezing point of minus 6-7 degrees Celsius. Vintners also feel the climate change and not every year ice wine is available. No surprise that the Riesling ice wine rate among the most value treasures of wine. Some of this Rieslings are drinkable even after 50 or 60 years after harvest and reach at auctions four to five digit prices.