The Winery SPREITZER is one of the oldest in Oestrich / Rheingau and can look back on a wine tradition since 1641. A special feature of the winery located near the Rhine River is the vaulted cellar built around 1743, which is characterise by its ideal conditions for wine storage "Fulminant", "Great Recognition" - this was the comment from wine lovers to describe the successes the winery SPREIZTER had put into the perfection of its Riesling wines.
Never before has the company presented such a homogeneous and harmonious Riesling collection - cabinet stylistics in perfection. Slender, mineral flavoured wines with elegant, sparkling aromas and have a nice acidity, which gives the Rieslings momentum and dynamism.
The grapes for the SPREITZER Prädikatsweine are 100% hand selected and hand picked, so that only ripeness grapes gets into the further processing. A smaller harvest produced by circumcision yields result in an above-average quality.
The location "Oestricher Lenchen" belongs to the top ten in Germany.